West Coast Clock and Watch Museum

West Coast Clock and Watch Museum is now at the Antique Gas & Steam Museum in Vista, California

Chapter 180 members and new officers 2017

October 2017

Newly elected officers of Nawcc chapter 180 and chapter members. At the meeting at the Southwest California regional at San Diego California October 2017.

chapter 180 nawcc officers 2017

West Coast clock and watch Museum California 180 members

Chapter 50 and Chapter 135 visiting the museum

February 6, 2016

Chapter 50 and Chapter 135 members visiting the museum for what may be the last time in Bellingham Washington before it moves to Vista California.

nawcc chapter 135 bus trip to Bellingham

Lynden Pioneer Museum

July 1, 2014 to Mid September

217 Front Sreet

Lynden, WA 98264

(360) 354-3675

The West Coast Clock & Watch Musuem is currently sponsoring a short term loaned exhibit at  the Lynden Pioneer Museum in Lynden WA This event which is scheduled to run through September 2014 is sure to delight both children and adults alike.  On display are  several dozen timepieces ranging in age from the mid 1700's through the late 1940's that were manufactured in both North America and abroad on the European continent.  Highlights of the collection include a rare group of early French enamel and art glass pocket watch stands, a number of whimsical animated and musical clocks, and a completely unique offering of unusual themed clock cases fashioned from indelible cast iron and bronze to delicate, fragile  and colorful Dutch Delft, French  and German porcelains. There are a  also a number of very fine examples featuring the very best of the 19th century woodcarver's art and several unusual and highly decorative Victorian era tabletop and mantlepiece novelties. If  your summer travel plans take you to the Lynden area be sure not to miss this very fine display.

YouTube video of the Museum
February 2011 Students from NorWest Voc’Tech School teaching Clock repair, Watch repair and NAWCC Chapter 50 , 135 members Tour the West Coast Clock & Watch Museum in Bellingham, WA. Student Craig M McDonald far right in the photograph below filmed and produced a YouTube video to promote the Museum.

wccwm YouTube video
NorWest Voc’Tech YouTube video

Miniature Novelty Clock Collection
In late 2010 the West Coast Clock and Watch Museum unveiled a new showcase of miniature novelty clocks from England, France, Germany, England and the United States.  The clocks portray themes ranging from the British Navy to the 1937 Worlds Fair in Chicago.    Some favorites of visitors are the Cat with Whiskers, a dog that has moving eyes and a wagging tail,  an Owl and a Monkey.   Other clocks include a portly gentleman who strikes a live match on his hat, a Bicycle clock, a Windmill clock and some very fine Porcelain Clocks.

Like many of the clocks on display, the novelty miniatures are on long term loan to the museum from members of the National Watch and Clock Collectors also known as the NAWCC.   The NAWCC has 175 chapters mostly located in the United States but has other chapters in Canada, Australia, England and Germany.  The objectives of the NAWCC are education and the preservation of knowledge and skills through lectures, workshops and a top notch school for the repair and restoration of both clocks and watches.

owl one monkeydog clock

2010 Restoration "The Departure"
In 2007, The West Coast Clock and Watch Museum acquired three clocks from the Oakland, CA., Museum of Fine Arts. All were in great need of restoration and Chapter 180 was tasked for the job. One of the clocks was a rare wooden works with a between the plates alarm, CA 1830 by Riley Whiting. The movement was successfully accomplished by Bob Arnold, Portland, OR and the alarm was finally done by Bruno, Conn. The tablet was badly deteriorated and Charley Schubert, Portland, OR. undertook the restoration. Contact was made with The Connecticut Historical Society and the glass was determined to be a DW Kellogg CA 1830's. a copy of the litho was procured and Charley painted a new glass. The Tablet is titled  "The Departure" and the old tablet has been framed and will be displayed with the clock. The case was also done by Charley and was on display at the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors 2010 National Convention at York, PA in June. The clock will be on display at the nawcc Pacific Northwest Regional in Clackamas, OR in May, 2011 and will then find it's way home to be exhibited at the Museum.

Another of the clocks is a Seth Thomas shelf clock, the "OG Top", 30 Hour movement marked Plymouth and the case with Alarm is marked Thomaston, reckon CA 1865/70. The case was "spiffed" by Kathy Slater, Sacramento and the movement was overhauled by Bob Peischl, Rio Linda, CA. This clock is currently on display in the museum.

The last clock is also a wooden works and is by Henry Terry, CA 1840. This is currently in the planning stages. The movement needs overhaul and the tablet is a blank.

"Changing Times" Exhibit Opens at Kitsap Museum.

Changing Times

February 3, 2006

The West Coast Clock and Watch Museum (WCCWM) exhibit at the Kitsap Museum, opened Bremerton, Washington on February 3, 2006 among ceremony, speeches and video presentations by the Kitsap Historical Society.

Over 100 visitors arriving for the opening of the exhibit were invited to "clock-in" by punching the bell handle of a 1880's vintage time clock. In addition to entertainment, guests were met with ample food and champagne to toast the event.

The exhibit's focus is divided among local public timepieces of historic importance including street clocks, a Howard tower clock movement, and high grade jewelers regulator style wall clocks from competing jewelry stores, and telegraph offices.

A key area of the exhibit showcases a variety of nautical themed timepieces that example the community's historic connection to the United States NAVY and the Naval Shipyard. The nautical exhibit includes a rare Seth Thomas weight driven 62, an E. Howard Number 74 Special astronomical regulator with mercurial pendulum and others that demonstrate the Navy presence in Bremerton, Washington.

Another area spotlights historic domestic clocks from the early history of the region, and a variety of high end collector's clocks.

The West Coast Clock and Watch Museum is a nonprofit community based organization dedicated to preserving the history of timekeeping and timepieces. The museum is funded in part by donations made by members of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors Chapter 180 and by visitors to the museum and exhibits.

The West Coast Clock and Watch Museum. sends special thanks to Mr. Ernie Lopez, Mr. Stan Mueller, Mr. Paul Middents, and Mr. Leon Jaussaud for their continued dedication to West Coast Clock and Watch Museum and for working to make the Kitsap Museum's "Changing Times" exhibit an overwhelming success.

The Changing Times exhibit is expected to extend until September 16. More information about the Kitsap Museum's hours of operation and admission can be found at www.kitsaphistory.org

Ticking at the Kitsap County Historical Society Museum?

West Coast Clock and Watch Museum Exhibits Military Clocks.

November 23, 2005

In Washington today, The West Coast Clock & Watch Museum announced that they will be sponsoring a special exhibit of clocks and horological items at the Kitsap County Historical Society Museum in Bremerton WA from January 6th through September 16th. Housed in a room at the court house, the Kitsap County Historical Society Museum was opened by the newly-formed Society in 1949 with only a small display of historic items gathered from the citizens of the county. Over the following years, in order to meet the needs of Kitsap's growing population and growing museum, the Historical Society purchased a larger building in downtown Bremerton at 280 Fourth Street, in the center of the Arts District.

The Museum is open daily, except for major federal holidays, and is handicapped accessible. The Archives are open by appointment and are used by a varied group of researchers, including authors, students, government personnel, local citizens and tribal groups.

The focus of the West Coast Clock and Watch Museum exhibit will be on U.S. Navy themed timepieces and timekeepers as a part of day-to-day life in the Pacific Northwest through the early part of the 20th century.

Admission to the Museum and the West Coast Clock & Watch exhibit is $2.00 for Adults; $1.00 for seniors; free for children under 18 and museum members. The hours of operation are Tuesday - Saturday, 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. (open until 8:00 p.m. on the first Friday of each month.) More information and directions to the special West Coast Clock & Watch Museum exhibit can be found on the Kitsap County Historical Society Museum's website at www.kitsaphistory.org